Code Review Policy problem in TFS 2008


Dear All
      I was applying the following given method but it was incomplete and I am unable to apply this method. 
"This will not work in VS 2008 straight from the download. This was built with the version 8.0 objects for Team Foundation Server.
You can get this to work in VS 2008 using the following steps:
Download the source code
Open project and convert to VS 2008
Remove all references to the Team Foundation Server objects (Note:
There is a bug in the code that will allow a checkin without approval. This is caused by the boolean allCodeReviewsApproved being defaulted to true.
Change the default to false and add a line of code inside the "If ... Approved" block.)
Add new references for the Team Foundation Server objects
Build code

Overwrite old DLL with VS 2008 version "

Please let me know what will be the line of code which I will be used here also let me know the reference name which will be created in this project. If I remove existing references it is not compile and give alot of error in it.
Please let me know ASAP.
Muhammad Waseem Alvi
Sr, SCM Engineer.