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Installing Code Review

This following instructions assume you have Admin rights on the TFS Project

1. Create TFS Code Reviews Group

In your Team Project create a new group named Code Reviewers. These will be the only members allowed to Approve a template. To add the group
  1. Right-click on the Team Project and select Team Project Settings -> Group Membership...
  2. Click "New..."
  3. Set the group name = "Code Reviewers" (This needs to be spelled exactly for the work item to find it.) and add a description then hit ok
  4. Double-click on the new Code Reviewers group and add some members

2. Upload Template

  • The Code Review.xml file will need to be imported into your project using the witimport.exe.
  • "VS80COMNTOOLS%\..\IDE\witimport.exe /f "Code Review.xml" /t TFSERVER /p TeamProject

3. Update Check-In Policy

sourcecontrolsettings1.jpg sourcecontrolsettings2.jpg

4. Set up Policy Management

Check-in policies have to be installed on the client. If your team doesn't get these installs then they will see a Policy Failure message with an option to override the policy. If not properly informed and if installing the new policies aren't easy they will most likely override the policy.
  1. Develop your own policy update rules or use the one mentioned at the beginning of step 3.
  2. Either create a tool to regularly view policy overrides or setup e-mail notification on policy overrides. You can setup alerts using either BISUBSCRIBE.EXE which ships with the AT server tools or use this tool for Event Subscribing

5. Create Queries

6. Set up project alerts

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fuentesrdz Sep 3, 2011 at 8:53 PM 
Hello CodePlex Team,

When I was importing the "Code Review.xml", am getting this error:

Error: Field name 'Resolution' is used by the field 'KCS.Common.CR.Resolution',
so it cannot be used by the field 'Microsoft.VSTS.Dogfood.Resolution'.

Do you know how can I get rid of that issue?

Thanks in advance

Juan Pablo Fuentes

billdong Jun 12, 2009 at 4:52 PM 
If you use VS2008, compile the code with 2008, otherwise Code Review Policy won't show up in the list even you have successfully registered.

mwaseemalvi May 15, 2009 at 7:03 AM 
Dear All
I was trying to install this checking policy on my machine and I have successfully imported the "Code Review.xml". But I am sorry to say I didnt find any process to import "Code Review Policy.dll". How can I replace it or register it so that I can easily access and used this policy. Secodly, the website link which is given in step 3 ( is not working. I am getting the message that the Got Dot net server is shutdown. So please update latest path where we can acess the further steps.


hemp Oct 20, 2007 at 12:30 AM 
All of these links are GotDotNet URLs - which, obviously, no longer work. Are there updated references?