CheckIn - Work Item Mismatch

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Sep 4, 2009 at 12:52 PM


I've installed the application but I need to ask some questions about it.

1 ) When developer shelves the application, (s)he also needs to create work item manually. Then one of the Code Reviewers will need to resolve it as "Approved" or "Needs Changes". I think there is not any problem so far. But; think about this : the code reviewer Approved the work item and now developer is able to check-in. If the developer changes the code at this point and then associate the new check-in with the previously approved work item; code will be changed but there will be no restriction for check-in. Because, there is an already waiting work item, which is resolved as Approved, for the developer .

2 ) In my case; if the developer chooses "Any Code Reviewer" for "Assigned To" option, the new work item is not shown in "My Work Items" part of each Code Reviewer. Instead it is shown in "All Work Items" part. Is this the intended behaviour?

Thank you for your responses.