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TFS Code Review Workflow

This project is a combination of a Code Review Work Item and a Code Review Check-in Policy. The check-in policy doesn’t allow a check-in unless it has an associated Code Review work item, and that work item is set to approved. Only people in a TFS group named {Project}\Code Reviewers can set an item to approved.


see Installation for details


  1. Dev finishes code and wants it reviewed so they shelve the changeset and create a Code Review work item and mention the name of the shelf set. This is assigned to a general Code Review team.
  2. People on the code review team have event subscriptions which sends them an e-mail when a workitem is assigned to the Code Review group. One of them will open the work item, review the shelf set and resolve the item as 'Accepted' or 'Needs changes' which assigns it back to the original dev.
  3. Once in an approved state the dev can check-in and associate to the work item which will close it.

What's needed

  • A custom report to show the reviews, time from open to close, number of attached tasks or bugs, number of activations
  • More detail in work item?
  • Some more options to allow for different code reviewer groups. For example on one of my projects the test team want the test code to follow this policy but be assigned to test team code reviewers.
  • An add-in for VS to automatically shelve and create the workitem.

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